My Outstanding Teachers Were:
Wes Pierce (who showed me how water almost always flows downhill, and sometimes lots of it)
Charles Coutts (math),
Elizabeth Gey (chemistry), &
Willis & Hydock (geology)
(Early mentors who pointed out my direction)
Pete Coney & Bill Dickinson (two big-time re-arrangers of continents)
Paul Damon & M. Shafiqullah (flaming expert rock age-daters)
Allen Bassett (who thought well outside the box in Mojave hinterlands)
Anton Ptacek (who first broke the news of continental drift to my class in about 1966)
Robert Dubois (paleomagneticist who told me about the U of A)
Don Bryant & Joe Schreiber (the power of real tiny mineral grains)
Stanley B. Keith (mapper of mountains)
Doug Shakel (geo-provocateur)
Blakemore Thomas (who chose me to search the upper Amazon for gold)
Tom Dibbler (mapper of the Mojave Desert, my home)
Peter Warshall & Tony Burgess (favored intellectuals, who gave me fascinating jobs; Peter was editor of the Whole Earth Review)
Lynn Margulis (who is re-inventing how evolution actually works)
Stephen Jay Gould (read his Natural History articles for fun)
Jack Corliss (discoverer of the homeplace earth's earliest known life)
Dietmar Shoemaker (invertebrate paleontology prof.)
Ev Lindsay (vertebrate paleontology prof.)
Paul Martin (Clovis overkill guy)
Bart & Lois Nagy (Pansperma proponents extraordinaire)
Larry Gould (first scientist to the south pole by dogsled, 1929)
Jon Spencer (Arizona flaming geo-expert)
John Sumner (ex-Corsair pilot and geophysicist tour guide)
Tom Van Devender and Analilia (Mexican paleoecologist experts)
Mark Dimmit (botanist)
Julian Hayden ("people here WAY before Clovis, arriving no doubt by boats")
Ron Rakevitch & Jan Wilt (shined the path)
Bill & Gladys my parents

Items that have a triple line drawn along the left margin are good field trip localities. I am available to help run field trips to these or other areas. Call me. A friend Steve Bernier runs great bus tours.

I consider these diagrams I use for geo-education as cartoons, meant to convey ideas, not accurate depictions. A current book with lots of more accurate diagrams showing Southwest geologic development is Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney's 'Geological History of the Colorado Plateau,' published by Grand Canyon Natural History Association, ~2005. Ron is (retired?) geo-professor from NAU Flagstaff. Wayne runs fantasy river trips down the Grand Canyon. We have done fieldwork along with Carol Hill, trying to piece together the origin of the Grand Canyon -- a sizable problem involving six western states. Their book contains many diagrams of out geologic history - the sea's advances, continental collisions -- the good stuff.

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