Cross-section of Planet Earth
Geological time scale
An active plate boundary (cross-section)
Four ways to make a mountain
Breakup of Pangea supercontinent
Formation of basement terrain of the Southwest
Ages of Construction of North America
Maps of Rodinia supercontinent
Paleozoic time in North America
Paleozoic layers in Grand Canyon region
North America during the Jurassic period
Arizona in mid-Cretaceous time
Southwest in latest Cretaceous time
Asteroid strike in the Yucatan
Map of Tucson mountains supervolcano
Northern Arizona during Eocene wet climate
Cenozoic volcanism in Arizona
Basin and Range Development
Modern regional drainage basins
Gila River antecedent path
Temperature and climate history
Geologic Map of southeastern Arizona
Topographic map of Arizona
Life on Earth flow chart
Major Faults of Southern California
Books of Interest
Acknowledgements by Bob Scarborough
Index of Geologic Terms