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A Visitor's Guide to El Camino del Diablo

Goldwater Range northern boundary to Wellton and Interstate 8



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Mile 0.0. Tinajas Altas, Key junction. A-16 Sign C. Turn east (right) at the intersection onto County 14th St.

Mile 1.9. Pavement. Continue straight.

Mile 3.9. 32°37'12.6"N, 114°08'31.12W. Turn north (left) from County 14th Street onto Ave 29E. Ave 29E is 29 miles east of Yuma.

Coyote Wash runs northward in braided channels about a mile east of this junction. Early Europeans such as Juan Bautista de Anza (1776) and Pedro Fages (1781 and 1782) came along Coyote Wash to or from the Gila River instead of by way of Tinajas Altas. They paused for water and horse forage at Pozo de San Miguel, an area east of the Wellton Hills where seasonal water might be found. Native Americans may have dry farmed in the flats along the wash, growing corn, melons, beans, or other crops.

Mile 5.0. The road passes over the eastbound Mohawk Canal.

Mile 6.3. 32°39'25.3"N, 114°08'32.8"W. Entrance to Coyote Wash commercial park with gas and food. Interstate 8 interchange with Ave 29E is 0.1 mile north. Called "Exit 30." Go east for Tucson and Phoenix; west for Yuma. Going straight north over the interchange will take you to the town of Wellton and services. The road crosses over east-flowing Wellton Canal just south of the interstate overpass.

Congratulations. You have survived the Devil's Highway. And if you wish to "finish" your quest for the now usually dry Gila River, you can reach it by driving straight north on Ave 29E.






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