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Tantilla hobartsmithi (Southwestern blackhead snake)



 Southwestern blackhead snake

Identification: 5 1/5 - 15 in. (13.2-38cm). Head cap dark brown or black, extending - 3 scales beyond posterior end of furrow between parietal scales, but usually not below corner of mouth. Rear border of cap usually convex or straight, followed by a white to cream collar - 2 scales wide. Usually no dark band or dark spots bordering rear edge of collar. Plain brown or beige above. Broad coral red or rufous stripe below, not extending to outer edges of ventrals. Hemiperes club shaped with enlarged globular tip and 2 medium to large spines at base. Mental scale usually touches front pair of chin shields. Scales smooth, in 15 rows at midbody. Anal divided. Eats centipedes, millipedes, and insects (beetle larvae, caterpillars, etc.)

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