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Xanthisma gracile (Nuttall) D.R.Morgan & R.L.Hartmann (Yellow Spiny Daisy,Slender Goldenweed)

Coffee Pot Mountain


 Xanthisma gracile (Nuttall) D.R.Morgan & R.L.Hartmann

 Xanthisma gracile (Nuttall) D.R.Morgan & R.L.Hartmann

 Xanthisma gracile (Nuttall) D.R.Morgan & R.L.Hartmann

Habitat: bajadas,rocky slopes
Life Form: forb,annual
Leaf Description: pinnatifid,hairy,spine-tipped
Flower Color: yellow
Flowering Period: Feb. to Dec.
Spines: spiny leaves
Family: Asteraceae (sunflower family)
Abundance: present but not common
Additional Information:
Felger, R.S. and S. Rutman. 2016. Ajo Peak to Tinajas Altas: Flora of southwestern Arizona. Part 21. Eudicots: Asteraceae-Aster Family. Phytoneuron 2016-77: 1-164. Published 29 November 2016. ISSN 2153 733X page 158 (30.2 MB pdf)

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