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Ferocactus emoryi (Emory's Barrel Cactus,Coville Barrel Cactus,biznaga)

Coffee Pot Mountain


 Ferocactus emoryi

 Ferocactus emoryi

 Ferocactus emoryi

 Ferocactus emoryi

 Ferocactus emoryi

Habitat: bajadas,rocky slopes
Life Form: cactus,barrel-shaped
Leaf Description: leafless
Flower Color: magenta or pink
Flowering Period: June to August
Spines: curved spines
Family: Cactaceae (cactus family)
Abundance: common

The fruit of the Coville barrel cactus , which ripens in December, is tasty, tart and lemony-yellow with large black nutty rich seeds that attracts thrashers, javelinas and any other animals that can reach them through the spines. Additional Information:
Felger, R.S., S. Rutman, J. Malusa, and M.A. Baker. 2014. Ajo Peak to Tinajas Altas: Flora of Southwestern Arizona: Part 7. Eudicots: Cactaceae - Cactus Family. Phytoneuron 2014-69, 1-95 page 46 (13.5 MB pdf)

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Our member horticultural expert is Hank Jorgensen. For more information on this plant species, see Hank's page (opens in a new tab).






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