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Abutilon malacum (Yellow Indian-mallow) - perennial forb
Acleisanthes longiflora (Angel's trumpets (ovate-triangular leaves)) - perennial forb
Acleisanthes longiflora (Angel's trumpets (lanceolate leaves)) - perennial forb
Acourtia wrightii (Brownfoot) - perennial forb
Adenophyllum porophylloides (Adenophyllum) - low shrub *
Agave deserti subsp. Simplex (Desert agave, Mezcal) - succulent *
Aloysia wrightii (Oreganillo) - low shrub *
Ambrosia cordifolia (Heart-leaf bursage) - medium shrub *
Anemone tuberosa (Desert windflower) - perennial forb *
Antirrhinum cyathiferum (Desert snapdragon) - annual forb
Asclepias albicans (White-stem milkweed, yamate) - medium shrub *
Astrolepis cochisensis ssp. Cochisensis (Scaly star fern) - fern
Astrolepis sinuata (Wavy cloak fern) - fern *
Ayenia filiformis (Ayenia pusilla) (Ayenia) - subshrub
Ayenia filiformis (Ayenia pusilla) (Ayenia) - subshrub
Brickellia coulteri (Brickell-bush) - low shrub *
Bursera microphylla (Elephant tree) - small tree *
Calliandra eriophylla (Fairy Duster) - low shrub *
Camissonia arenaria (Sand evening primrose) - annual forb
Carnegia gigantea (Saguaro, Sahuara, Giant Cactus) - tall columnar cactus *
Castilleja chromosa (Desert Paintbrush) - perennial forb *
Cheilanthes parryi (Parry's lip fern) - fern
Colubrina californica (California snake bush, snakewood) - tall shrub
Coursetia glandulosa (Baby Bonnets) - tall shrub *
Crossosoma bigelovii (Ragged rockflower) - straggly shrub *
Croton sonorae (Sonora croton) - medium shrub *
Dichelostemma capitatum subsp. pauciflorum (Blue dicks, wild-hyacinth, coveria) - perennial forb *
Ditaxis brandegeei var. intonsa (Sonoran silverbush) - low shrub
Ditaxis lanceolata (Narrowleaf silverbush) - low shrub *
Dudleya arizonica (Gila live-forever) - perennial forb *
Echinocereus nicholii (Golden hedgehog cactus) - low columnar cactus *
Echinomastus erectocentrus var. Acunata (Acuña cactus) - low columnar cactus *
Encelia farinosa (Brittlebush, incienso) - low shrub *
Ericamera laricifolia (Turpentine bush) - low shrub *
Eriogonum fasciculatum (Wild buckwheat) - low shrub *
Eriogonum inflatum (Desert trumpet, bladder stem, guinagua) - annual forb
Eschscholtzia californica ssp. mexicana (Mexican Gold Poppy) - annual forb *
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. bipinnatifida (Chrysanthemum-leaved hideseed) - annual forb *
Eucrypta micrantha (Peluda, dainty desert hideseed) - annual forb
Euphorbia eriantha (Euphorbia eriantha) - annual forb *
Fagonia californica subsp. Californica (California fagonia) - subshrub
Fagonia californica subsp.californica (California fagonia) - subshrub *
Fagonia callifornica subsp. longipes (California fagonia) - subshrub
Fagonia pachyacantha (Fagonia) - subshrub
Ferocactus cylindraceus (Mountain barrel cactus) - medium columnar cactus *
Ferocactus emoryi (Coville barrel cactus) - medium columnar cactus *
Galium stellatum var. eremicum (Starry bedstraw) - low shrub *
Gymnosperma glutinosa (Gumhead) - low shrub
Hibiscus coulteri (Desert rose mallow) - straggly shrub *
Hibiscus denudatus (Rock hibiscus) - low shrub *
Horsfordia newberryi (Orange velvet-mallow) - medium shrub *
Hyptis emoryi (Desert lavender) - medium shrub *
Jacobinia ovata (Jacobinia) - medium shrub *
Jacobinia ovata (Jacobinia) - medium shrub *
Janusia gracilis (Janusia) - woody vine *
Jatropha cuneata (Limberbush) - medium shrub *
Juniperus coahuilensis (Roseberry juniper) - Tree, Shrub *
Krameria grayi (White ratany) - low shrub *
Linanthus bigelovii (Bigelow linanthus) - annual forb
Linanthus bigelovii (Bigelow linanthus) - annual forb
Lycium berlandieri (Wolfberry, bachata, salicieso) - medium shrub *
Mammillaria grahamii (Mammillaria microcarpa) (Fishhook pincushion cactus) - pincushion cactus *
Mammillaria tetrancistra (Corkseed fishhook cactus) - pincushion cactus
Menodora scabra (Twinberry, rough menodora) - perennial forb
Mentzelia oreophila (Mentzelia puberula) (Mentzelia oreophila) - shrub *
Mimosa dysocarpa (Velvetpod mimosa) - medium shrub *
Mirabilis bigelovii var bigelovii (Desert four o'clock, desert wishbone bush) - perennial forb *
Monoptilon bellioides (Mojave desert star) - annual forb *
Nolina bigelovii (Desert tree-beargrass) - low shrub *
Notholaena californica ssp. Californica (Indian fern, california cloak fern) - fern
Notholaena standleyi (Star cloak fern) - fern *
Opuntia bigelovii (Teddy bear cholla) - low arborescent cactus *
Opuntia chlorotica (Pancake prickly-pear) - pad cactus *
Parkinsonia microphyllum (Cercidium microphyllum) (Foothill paloverde) - medium tree *
Pectis papposa var. papposa (Desert chinchweed, Manzanilla del coyote) - annual forb *
Pectocarya recurvata (Arched comb-bur) - annual forb *
Penstemon pseudospectabilis var. pseudospectabilis (Mojave beard tongue) - perennial forb
Penstemon subulatus (Arizona scarlet-bugler) - perennial forb *
Perityle emoryi (Desert rockdaisy) - annual forb *
Peucephyllum schottii (Desert fir, Pygmy cedar) - low shrub *
Phaseolus filiformis (Slim-Jim bean, desert bean) - annual forb *
Phlox tenuifolia (Phlox) - perennial forb *
Pholistoma auritum var. arizonicum (Arizona fiesta flower) - annual forb *
Physalis crassifolia var. versicolor (Desert groundcherry, tomatillo del desierto) - subshrub,edible fruits *
Pleurocoronis pluriseta (Arrow-leaf) - small shrub
Pleurocoronis pluriseta (Arrow-leaf) - small shrub
Porophyllum gracile (Odora, hierba del venado) - perennial forbs,strongly scented foliage *
Rhus kearneyi subsp. kearneyi (Desert sumac) - tall shrub *
Sebastiania bilocularis (Sapium biloculare) (Jumping bean) - medium shrub *
Senecio lemmonii (Lemmon groundsel) - subshrub
Senecio mohavensis (Mojave groundsel) - annual forb *
Sporobolus cryptandrus (Sand dropseed, zacate de arena) - grass *
Stenocereus thurberi (Organ pipe cactus) - tall columnar cactus *
Streptanthus carinatus subsp.arizonicus (Arizona jewelflower) - annual forb *
Thamnosma montana (Turpentine broom) - shrub
Thymophylla pentachaeta (Common dogweed) -
Trichoptilium incisum (Yellow head, yellowdome) - annual forb *
Trixis californica (Trixis) - low shrub *
Trixis californica (Trixis) - low shrub *
Viguera parishii (Parish goldeneye) - low shrub *

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The scope of this page is to provide links to information and images of most or all of the plant species native to the Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona. Currently, not all the species in this region are on the list, but more will be added from time to time. Information and images for species already on the list are continually being added and updated. Because of this, be sure to check back occasionally.

The plant identification page and the plant images are meant to be only a first step in the identification process. In spite of our best efforts, it is not possible to insure that 100% accuracy in identifying unknown plants can be obtained by using search keys and photographs. When it is of critical importance to be absolutely sure of the identification of a plant, a specimen must be examined by a professional botanist and verified at a recognized herbarium.

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Questions and comments are encouraged. If you have any of these or are in disagreement with any information or images being presented, please contact us at, content_mgr@cabezaprieta.org Feedback is necessary to enable us to correct incorrect information and to further fine-tune the identification process.






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