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Abutilon incanum (Indian mallow, pelotazo) - medium shrub *
Abutilon palmeri (Indian Mallow, Flowering Maple) - low shrub *
Acacia angustissima (White-ball acacia, fern acacia) - medium shrub *
Acacia constricta (Whitethorn acacia (with spines)) - tall shrub *
Acacia constricta (Whitethorn acacia (without spines)) - tall shrub *
Acacia greggii (Cat Claw, Wait-a-minute Bush) - tall shrub *
Acalypha californica (Acalypha pringlei) (Hierba del Cancer, copperleaf) - low shrub *
Adenophyllum porophylloides (Adenophyllum) - low shrub *
Aloysia wrightii (Oreganillo) - low shrub *
Ambrosia ambrosioides (Canyon ragweed, giant bursage) - medium shrub *
Ambrosia cordifolia (Heart-leaf bursage) - medium shrub *
Ambrosia deltoidea (Triangle-leaf bursage) - low shrub *
Ambrosia deltoidea (Triangle-leaf bursage) - low shrub *
Ambrosia dumosa (White bursage) - low shrub *
Ambrosia ilicifolia (Holly-leaved bursage) - low shrub *
Anisacanthus thurberi (Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle, Chuparosa) - medium shrub *
Asclepias albicans (White-stem milkweed, yamate) - medium shrub *
Asclepias subulata (Desert Milkweed) - medium shrub *
Atriplex canescens (Four-wing saltbush) - medium shrub *
Atriplex hymenelytra (Desert-holly) - subshrub
Atriplex linearis (A. canescens ssp. Linearis) (Narrow-leaf saltbush) - medium shrub
Atriplex polycarpa (Desert saltbush, chamiso cenizo) - low shrub *
Ayenia filiformis (Ayenia pusilla) (Ayenia) - subshrub
Ayenia filiformis (Ayenia pusilla) (Ayenia) - subshrub
Baccharis brachyphylla (Hairy baccharis) - low shrub
Baccharis salicifolia (B. glutinosa) (Seep willow, batamote) - tall shrub *
Baccharis sarothroides (Desert Broom) - medium shrub *
Bebbia juncea var. aspera (Sweetbush) - low shrub *
Brickellia atractyloides var. atractyloides (Leather-leaved brickellia) - low shrub
Brickellia coulteri (Brickell-bush) - low shrub *
Calliandra eriophylla (Fairy Duster) - low shrub *
Carlowrightia arizonica (Lemilla) - low shrub
Celtis pallida (Desert hackberry) - tall shrub *
Colubrina californica (California snake bush, snakewood) - tall shrub
Condalia globosa (Bitter condalia) - tall shrub,small tree *
Condalia warnockii (Mexican crucillo) - medium shrub *
Coursetia glandulosa (Baby Bonnets) - tall shrub *
Crossosoma bigelovii (Ragged rockflower) - straggly shrub *
Croton sonorae (Sonora croton) - medium shrub *
Ditaxis brandegeei var. intonsa (Sonoran silverbush) - low shrub
Ditaxis lanceolata (Narrowleaf silverbush) - low shrub *
Dodonea viscosa (D.angustifolia) (Hopbush) - tall shrub *
Encelia farinosa (Brittlebush, incienso) - low shrub *
Encelia farinosa var phenicodonta (Brown-center brittlebush) - low shrub
Encelia frutescens (Button Brittlebush, Green brittlebush, Rayless encelia) - low shrub *
Ephedra aspera (Mormon tea, Boundary ephedra, tepopote) - low shrub *
Ephedra trifurca (Canutillo, tepopote, long-leaved joint-fir) - medium shrub *
Ericamera laricifolia (Turpentine bush) - low shrub *
Eriogonum fasciculatum (Wild buckwheat) - low shrub *
Eriogonum wrightii var. pringlei (Wright buckwheat) - subshrub
Eriogonum wrightii var. pringlei (Wright buckwheat) - subshrub
Fagonia californica subsp. Californica (California fagonia) - subshrub
Fagonia californica subsp.californica (California fagonia) - subshrub *
Fagonia callifornica subsp. longipes (California fagonia) - subshrub
Fagonia pachyacantha (Fagonia) - subshrub
Fouquieria splendens (Ocotillo) - tall shrub *
Galium stellatum var. eremicum (Starry bedstraw) - low shrub *
Gymnosperma glutinosa (Gumhead) - low shrub
Hibiscus coulteri (Desert rose mallow) - straggly shrub *
Hibiscus denudatus (Rock hibiscus) - low shrub *
Horsfordia alata (Pink velvet mallow) - straggly shrub *
Horsfordia newberryi (Orange velvet-mallow) - medium shrub *
Hymenoclea monogyra (Slender burrobrush) - low shrub
Hymenoclea salsola var. pentalepis (White burro-bush) - low shrub *
Hyptis emoryi (Desert lavender) - medium shrub *
Isocoma acradenia var. acradenia (Alkali goldenbush (non-lobed leaves)) - low shrub,medium shrub *
Isocoma acradenia var. acradenia (Alkali goldenbush (lobed leaves)) - low shrub,medium shrub *
Jacobinia ovata (Jacobinia) - medium shrub *
Jacobinia ovata (Jacobinia) - medium shrub *
Jatropha cardiophylla (Sangre-de-Cristo) - low shrub *
Jatropha cinerea (Ashy limberbush) - medium shrub *
Jatropha cuneata (Limberbush) - medium shrub *
Juniperus coahuilensis (Roseberry juniper) - Tree, Shrub *
Justicia californica (Chuparosa) - medium shrub *
Krameria erecta (Krameria parviflora) (Range ratany) - low shrub
Krameria grayi (White ratany) - low shrub *
Larrea divaricata subsp. tridentata (Larrea tridentata) (Creosote bush) - medium shrub *
Lycium andersonii (Desert wolfberry, salicieso) - medium shrub
Lycium berlandieri (Wolfberry, bachata, salicieso) - medium shrub *
Lycium cooperi (Wolfberry, bachata, salicieso) - medium shrub *
Lycium fremontii (Fremont wolfberry) - medium shrub *
Lycium macrodon (Desert thorn, wolfberry) - medium shrub *
Lycium parishii (Parish wolfberry) - medium shrub *
Mentzelia oreophila (Mentzelia puberula) (Mentzelia oreophila) - shrub *
Mimosa dysocarpa (Velvetpod mimosa) - medium shrub *
Nolina bigelovii (Desert tree-beargrass) - low shrub *
Nolina microcarpa (Beargrass, sacahuista, basket grass) - low shrub *
Petalonyx thurberi subsp. thurberi (Sandpaper plant) - medium shrub
Peucephyllum schottii (Desert fir, Pygmy cedar) - low shrub *
Physalis crassifolia var. versicolor (Desert groundcherry, tomatillo del desierto) - subshrub,edible fruits *
Pleurocoronis pluriseta (Arrow-leaf) - small shrub
Pleurocoronis pluriseta (Arrow-leaf) - small shrub
Pluchea purpurascens var. purpurascens (P. sericea) (Arrow weed) - tall shrub *
Psilostrophe cooperi (Paper flower) - low shrub *
Psorothamnus emoryi var. emoryi (Emory indigo-bush) - medium shrub
Rhamnus crocea (Holly-leaf buckthorn, red berry buckthorn) - medium shrub *
Rhus kearneyi subsp. kearneyi (Desert sumac) - tall shrub *
Salazaria mexicana (Bladder sage) - medium shrub
Sebastiania bilocularis (Sapium biloculare) (Jumping bean) - medium shrub *
Senecio lemmonii (Lemmon groundsel) - subshrub
Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) - medium shrub *
Suaeda moquinii (Suaeda torreyana) (Desert seepweed, quelite salado) - subshrub
Thamnosma montana (Turpentine broom) - shrub
Tiquilia canescens (Wooly crinklemat, oreja del perro) - low shrub *
Tiquilia canescens (Wooly crinklemat, oreja del perro) - low shrub *
Trixis californica (Trixis) - low shrub *
Trixis californica (Trixis) - low shrub *
Vauquelinia californica (Arizona rosewood) - small tree,large shrub *
Viguera parishii (Parish goldeneye) - low shrub *
Zinnia acerosa (Desert zinnia) - low shrub *
Ziziphus obtusifolia var. canescens (Gray-thorn) - tall shrub *
Ziziphus obtusifolia var. canescens (Gray-thorn) - tall shrub *

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The scope of this page is to provide links to information and images of most or all of the plant species native to the Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona. Currently, not all the species in this region are on the list, but more will be added from time to time. Information and images for species already on the list are continually being added and updated. Because of this, be sure to check back occasionally.

The plant identification page and the plant images are meant to be only a first step in the identification process. In spite of our best efforts, it is not possible to insure that 100% accuracy in identifying unknown plants can be obtained by using search keys and photographs. When it is of critical importance to be absolutely sure of the identification of a plant, a specimen must be examined by a professional botanist and verified at a recognized herbarium.

* Specie page has photos.

Questions and comments are encouraged. If you have any of these or are in disagreement with any information or images being presented, please contact us at, content_mgr@cabezaprieta.org Feedback is necessary to enable us to correct incorrect information and to further fine-tune the identification process.






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