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Acalypha californica (Acalypha pringlei) (Hierba del Cancer, copperleaf) - low shrub *
Croton sonorae (Sonora croton) - medium shrub *
Croton wigginsii (Dune croton) -
Ditaxis brandegeei var. intonsa (Sonoran silverbush) - low shrub
Ditaxis lanceolata (Narrowleaf silverbush) - low shrub *
Ditaxis neomexicana (New Mexico ditaxis) - perennial forb
Ditaxis serrata var. serrata (Serrate ditaxis) - perennial forb
Euphorbia abramsiana (Chamaesyce abramsiana) (Golondrina) - annual forb
Euphorbia albomarginata (Rattlesnake weed) - perennial forb *
Euphorbia eriantha (Euphorbia eriantha) - annual forb *
Euphorbia florida (Chamaesyce florida) (Flowery spurge) - annual forb
Euphorbia hyssopifolia (Chamaesyce hyssopifolia) (Hyssop spurge) -
Euphorbia micromera (Chamaesyce micromera) (Golondrina) - annual forb
Euphorbia pediculifera var. pediculifera (Chamaesyce pediculifera) (Louse spurge) - perennial forb
Euphorbia petrina (Chamaesyce petrina) (Golondrina) -
Euphorbia polycarpa (Chamaesyce polycarpa) (Desert spurge) - perennial forb *
Euphorbia setiloba (Chamaesyce setiloba) (Fringed spurge) - annual forb
Euphorbia spathulata (Euphorbia spathulata) -
Euphorbia trachysperma (Chamaesyce trachysperma) (Euphorbia trachysperma) -
Jatropha cardiophylla (Sangre-de-Cristo) - low shrub *
Jatropha cinerea (Ashy limberbush) - medium shrub *
Jatropha cuneata (Limberbush) - medium shrub *
Sebastiania bilocularis (Sapium biloculare) (Jumping bean) - medium shrub *
Stillingia linearifolia (Stillingia) - perennial forb *

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The scope of this page is to provide links to information and images of most or all of the plant species native to the Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona. Currently, not all the species in this region are on the list, but more will be added from time to time. Information and images for species already on the list are continually being added and updated. Because of this, be sure to check back occasionally.

The plant identification page and the plant images are meant to be only a first step in the identification process. In spite of our best efforts, it is not possible to insure that 100% accuracy in identifying unknown plants can be obtained by using search keys and photographs. When it is of critical importance to be absolutely sure of the identification of a plant, a specimen must be examined by a professional botanist and verified at a recognized herbarium.

* Specie page has photos.

Questions and comments are encouraged. If you have any of these or are in disagreement with any information or images being presented, please contact us at, content_mgr@cabezaprieta.org Feedback is necessary to enable us to correct incorrect information and to further fine-tune the identification process.






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