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Eragrostis cilianensis (Stinking Lovegrass, Stink Grass, zacate apestoso)

Ajo Peak at Night


 Eragrostis cilianensis

 Eragrostis cilianensis

 Eragrostis cilianensis

 Eragrostis cilianensis

Habitat: periodic wetlands, disturbed areas, fields
Life Form: grass,annual
Leaf Description: grasslike leaves
Flower Color: green
Flowering Period: May to Oct.
Spines: spineless
Family: Poaceae (grass family)
Abundance: introduced
Additional Information:
Felger, R.S., S. Rutman, and J. Malusa. 2014. Ajo Peak to Tinajas Altas: Flora of Southwestern Arizona: Part 6. Poaceae - Grass Family. Phytoneuron 2014-35, 1-139 page 70 (13.8 MB pdf)

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Our member horticultural expert is Hank Jorgensen. For more information on this plant species, see Hank's page on Eragrostis cilianensis (opens in a new tab).






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