Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association Member Meeting
December 7, 2017

Ralph Hudson opened the meeting at 7pm. He announced that we’ll l have an election tonight. He talked about meetings, trips to Child’s Mountain, lectures with interesting people, hikes, and pointed out that this is 23rd year of CPNHA as a non-profit.

We are on the planning group and are sponsoring the March Sonoran Symposium. The Shindig will be March 17th 10am-3pm. We ask you to invite people to come to Ajo for it. There is interest in having the annual Photo Show up for the entire month of March. All the land management agencies, along with other groups interested in the activities of the desert should be here and there will be regional food. Last year we had our first Camino del Diablo road trip and here will be another one this year.

To do all of our activities, we need to raise money. It’s done by the purchase of memberships, our store, and donations. We rely on members to help in various ways. One need right away is for members to help with the book sales on Saturday markets. Thanks to Hank Jorgensen and Aaron Mayson, who got our entire inventory on Square.

Our website also generates some money as has a button that takes you to REI. It returns a percentage of any purchase made through that click We are now registered with It donates when a purchase is made after a non-profit is selected as the recipient. Ralph asked if he could send people the link. Smile pays 05%. Those present were ok with him doing it. Linda Robbins asked if it could be put on our website. Ralph will look into it.

Linda Mulherin introduced the slate of officers for 2018 who were nominated by our committee. They are:

Kathy Sikora proposed we move on that slate. All were elected.

Paule Hjertaas was introduced. She has previously done one of the talks during the lecture series. Her friend, Doug Backlund, is camping at the roping arena and has been seeing Kit foxes. Paule showed lots of slides of them. She also shared photos of a rare White Wagtail that was at the Ajo sewage pond last March, 2017. She had also seen White-faced Ibises. She showed photo of a burro eating ocotillo. This was on Ajo Well Rd. It is a survival food when there is little rain. Though they may look cute, burros can be very destructive to the desert flora.

Doug began with slides of the Mexican Agapema Moth. Condalia is the larval food plant for this moth. Doug has found some plants at Valentine Well. The moth about 3½“. He then showed a photo of a ring-tail that is related to raccoons. Also showed a Hooded skunk and Banner-tailed kangaroo rat, and a Western White-throated woodrat nesting in a cholla followed by some fabulous photos of bats.

Ralph thanked everyone for coming and urged them to enjoy the refreshments. He announced there were schedules and Symposium information in back of the room. Submission information will be coming out soon for photo show. There will be information in the Copper News as well. He then asked for the board to meet for a couple of minutes. Linda Robbins thanked Ralph for stepping in to help the organization. Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

The new board met briefly after the meeting. Linda Mulherin was nominated for board member at-large and all approved. Paul Johnson was also nominated for board member at-large and was unanimously approved.