CPNHA Executive Board Minutes
December 5, 2013

Meeting of Officers and Board

The Treasurer's financial statement and a budget plan for the coming year were handed out by the treasurer.  Ed went through the budget explaining changes to activities that might energize the activities:  $160. to Childs Mt. tours and hikes; $450. for a weekly ad to promote the book store and association; $400. to National Wildlife Assoc; $1000. to ISDA for the Symposium; $150. toward Cabieza Prieta projects; $750. to attract outside speakers.

After much discussion on the rationale for a deficit budget, the budget was unanimously approved.  Discussion followed on the necessity of preparing in the summer for the coming fall schedule and busy winter afterward.

Encouragement of new (and old) leadership in the various activities was enlarged upon with suggestions for new kinds of natural history hikes (Hank) with field goals, a specific person assigned to work with the Refuge people on their projects (Rick and Ed), and again having the annual Potluck as in the past.  Lynne has the logistics in hand to give to new leadership for the Potluck planning.  Several names were suggested and a date of January 21, 2014, was set for having the Potluck this winter.

Sonoran Shindig: Aaron has met with the Chamber of Commerce representative but does not feel that planning is moving forward under their leadership. In years past, the Shindig attracted a lot of interest in outside agency representation but in recent years is less well planned and less well attended.  The Shindig was felt by all to be worth maintaining.  John offered to go with Aaron to again meet with CC about the Shindig.

Ralph Hudson will be back in mid-January.  John Cooper will be gone from December 14, 2013 to January 5, 2014.

Lynne has met with Sid, Mary and Margot at the Refuge.  The bookstore will also be able to use the additional lobby area to show T-shirts, children's and teen's books, stuffies, etc.  The Refuge would like the bookstore to carry fifty additional copies of the CPNWR film on the Refuge.  Lynne has a new T-shirt design of a pronghorn antelope that should sell well.  A "50% off" sale table will be set up for T-shirts and books that haven't sold well.  She gave the book store report: around fifteen hundred dollars has been spent on the new stock.

Meeting was over by noon.